About Us

Who We Are

Our hard-working officers are proud to protect and serve our community.

The Kyle Police Employee Association proudly represents three-quarters of the hardworking men and women who serve our community with the Kyle (Texas) Police Department.

The officers represented by our organization report to work each day committed to protecting our community and providing excellence in public safety to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Kyle.

Since our association's founding in 2011, we have worked hand-in-hand with our community to create a strong bond between our police officers and the people they serve. We're proud of that relationship and strive to build on that in the years to come. The members of our association are honored to be a part of the community that we have sworn to protect.

Our Mission

The mission of the Kyle Police Employee Association is to support the hardworking law enforcement officers in providing excellence in public safety as they work to protect our community. Our association advocates for fair wages and benefits, the safest possible working conditions, and a strong bond between our police officers and those who they've sworn to protect.

Our association pledges to work with the community to provide the best possible service, while nurturing a positive relationship with our neighbors in Kyle. We're proud of the relationship we've built with our community, and we strive to strengthen that bond every day.

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The Kyle Law Enforcement Association relies on your generous donations to provide assistance to our members. Thank you for your support!